DIY Fruit Fly Trap Works Overnight

Fruit flies are unpleasant creatures. They seem to pop up whenever you leave fruit out. All that it takes is one several-day-old banana and the next thing you know, you’re surrounded by dozens of little fruit flies. Although these little buggers are relatively harmless to humans (they don’t bite, they’re just annoying), they just keep breeding and breeding, and might even scare off any company that comes over.

Thankfully, there’s a solution. Well, two solutions. You can get rid of the fruit that attracts them, by eating it, canning it, or, in the banana example, turning it into banana bread. The other solution requires you to create a trap. Yes, you read that right – a fruit fly trap. All that you need are some things that you already have sitting around your home.


Creating a Vinegar Trap

Since fruit flies are attracted to anything sweet or rotting (this is why you’ll sometimes find them breeding in your garbage disposal) a vinegar trap works well. Start by gathering three things – a jar, some apple cider vinegar, and some dish soap. Open the lid of the jar and place it off to the side. You won’t need it for the trap. Then, pour in some apple cider vinegar.  Fill the jar until the halfway point. Then, squirt some dish soap into the jar and mix it up a bit. Make sure that there aren’t any bubbles.

Once your trap is set, place it near where the fruit flies like to congregate. Leave it alone overnight. The fruit flies will flock to it, become trapped, and then drown.

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How does this ingenious trap work? Well, the fruit flies think that the apple cider vinegar is rotten fruit. They’ll be attracted to the smell and will fly into the liquid, thinking that they hit the jackpot. Once they try to land in the liquid, the dish soap will suck them into it, and the flies will drown.

If your trap doesn’t kill off all of the fruit flies overnight, then discard their little fly corpses and make a new batch of the mixture. Usually, all that it takes to kill off the flies are two nights of leaving the trap out.


This All Natural Method Works

The best thing about this apple cider vinegar and dish soap fruit fly trap is the fact that it’s all-natural. There aren’t any harsh chemicals or pesticides in it. Sure, you could go to the store, purchase some anti-fly spray, and take care of business, but you don’t really want those harsh chemicals in your kitchen where they can get into your food. This isn’t good for anyone.

On top of that, if you have children, there’s always the chance that they might accidentally contaminate themselves with the pesticide. You really need to be careful. With this all-natural mixture, if they happen to pick up the jar, the most that will happen is that they’ll be grossed out (or fascinated by) the flies. It won’t hurt them.

Even Insect Lovers Will Like This Method

If you’re one of those people who trap insects and set them free outdoors, then you probably won’t like having to kill any of them, even the fruit flies. However, fruit flies are too small and too prolific to capture and set free. If you must kill insects in your home, isn’t it better to know that they died happily? These fruit flies thought they saw a lot of food and literally jumped in with all of their legs. This is a decent way for them to go, right?

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