The Best All Natural Fertilizers For Your Garden


Store-bought fertilizers can get expensive. On top of that, they don’t always produce the results you are looking for. They aren’t natural, so there’s no guarantee that they are going to work the way they’re supposed to. Instead of heading into town to pick up an overpriced bag for your garden, go to your kitchen and mix up your own batch with any of these natural fertilizer recipes.


  1. Egg Shells

After breakfast, don’t toss your egg shells. Wash them up and crush them. They are 93% calcium carbonate. With that there, it’s effective to use near peppers, tomatoes, and other plants to prevent rotting. If you are planting something fresh, you can mix your egg shells in with your potting soil for bigger and better results.

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  1. Coffee Grounds

Your coffee is good for waking up more than just you in the morning. Those grounds can bring to life a variety of plants including roses, azaleas, blueberries, and tomatoes. You can mix the grounds directly into the soil or place them on top before you water. The nitrogen seeps in and gives the foliage a jolt. You can mix up a batch for watering by blending six cups of coffee grounds in a full five-gallon bucket for a couple of days. Then, dump it over your plants.

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  1. Banana Peels

Bananas have a ton of nutrients for humans, so it’s no surprise that they are also healthy for plants. You can bury the peels in the ground before planting so that they decompose in the soil.


  1. Molasses

Molasses is said to increase the good bacteria and microbes in various plants allowing for bigger and healthier results. A simple recipe is mixing one to three tablespoons of molasses per gallon of water. Dump the concoction directly on the plants.


  1. Human Urine

As long as your body is healthy and free of any disease or infection, your urine is sterile. Sounds kind of gross to use it as a fertilizer, but it’s loaded with phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen. There’s way more in there than what you find in the store-bought versions. The ideal urine to water ratio is 1:8.

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  1. Pet Food

This is going to depend on what kind of animal food you have. As long as it’s not loaded with artificial stuff, even the cheap type has protein and nutrients that can aid in fertilization. Just sprinkle it over the garden, turn the food into the soil, and water. Cover the area to keep the critters away. Continue watering and turning the soil for about a month. When the food has decomposed all the way, put in your desired plants.


  1. Worm Castings

You are going to have to do some worm hunting for this one. Get a handful of red wiggler worms and toss them in with some cardboard and various kitchen scraps. The worms will start making compost from the waste they create, and you can use that for fertilizer safely wherever you want.

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  1. Manure

One of the most significant benefits of using cow, horse, or chicken manure is that with a little legwork around your local farms, you can get it for free. The composted manure should be put in some type of permeable bag made from a decomposable material. Put the bag in the shade and allow it to sit for a few days. When it’s conditioned properly, toss the bag or bury it and spread the compost over whatever area you are planting.


  1. Grass

Put your grass clippings in a five-gallon bucket. Add water to fill all the way to the top and then let it sit for a couple of days. The nitrogen from the grass is excellent for plants. The tea you have made with your grass clippings can be diluted 1:10 with water before being dumped at the base of your foliage.

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