Awesome Compostables You Probably Already Have at Home

Composting is awesome. You can create your own amazing humus right in your backyard, and there’s  just nothing quite as nutritious for your soil as well-composed, beautiful homemade compost.

Once you start composting, you might find you view your kitchen and home as a veritable goldmine! You might not be familiar with how many everyday items that you just toss in the trash or recycling bin every day can help you build a healthy, well-fed compost pile.

We’ve put together a list of great compostables you probably already have in your kitchen, home, or on your property, that you can collect, save, or regularly add to a compost pile to add valuable nutrients.

The items on this infographic are also things you might be able to get for free from businesses who discard them regularly on a large scale as well, so check with lawn care businesses, coffee shops, bakeries, and florists, if you’d like to build a big compost pile!


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