Canning Stone Fruits (Infographic)

I have always been fascinated by canning, and I’d love to do more of it myself. It always seems kind of intimidating, but it’s really not too complicated, and this handy infographic from breaks canning stone fruits down into simple steps.

Stone fruits are some of the easiest items to can, and the steps taken in this guide can be followed with a $10 canning kit from Walmart or any grocery store. Cherries, plums, apricots, and peaches, make great preserves, from jams and jellies to easy pie fillings.

I think my favorite thing about canning is how long preserves last, up to several years when stored properly, and how an afternoon of canning can produce months of delicious preserves. If you don’t have a local supply of seasonal stone fruits, you could always wait until they’re on sale at your grocery store, buy a bunch and try your hand at canning them!

Canning Info


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