Clever Ways to Teach Children About Self-Reliance

Kids these days! The new generation seems to be so fixated on their devices and pop culture, and I think a lot of us who grew up with these things are looking at today’s youth and shaking our heads.

But of course, the truth is, that adults as well as kids need to learn more about self-reliance and basic survival skills, because our world is in a precarious state! Start them young, and we just might be able to raise a few kids who can carry on the traditions and self-reliance of past generations.

Here are a few ideas for basic skills to expose your kids to that will give them a leg-up in a self-reliant lifestyle, should they learn to pursue it one day.


Gardening is a really fun way to show kids how our food system works, and to get them involved in homesteading, even if you’re an urban homesteader. Small children especially love watching seeds sprout and grow, and appreciating where our food comes from.


Keeping a house clean and organized is actually becoming a lost art, and getting children involved in the things they might otherwise take for granted such as washing dishes, cleaning floors and windows, vacuuming, and laundry, will help them realize just how much effort goes into keeping their lives comfortable.

Raising animals

Raising chickens in your backyard or even just designating pet care to your children can give them an idea of what it takes to sustain life and how to use animals for survival and self-reliance, as well as help them to understand just what a big job it might be to take care of the pony they keep asking for.

Basic vehicle care

Get older kids involved in changing a tire or changing oil, so that they realize the vehicle they get driven around in every day takes maintenance and work to keep up. As a matter of safety, especially, teenagers should not be learning to drive unless they also know basic vehicle maintenance and safety.


Let’s raise the next generation up right so they know how to take care of each other; and us!


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