Composting Chicken House (Video)

When it comes to homesteading, I think the more (proverbial) birds you can kill with one stone, the better. After all, that’s a huge part of what homesteading is all about: creating your own little self-sufficient system.

This plan for a composting chicken house is awesome. It’s well-known that chickens can be easily put to work both by contributing to a compost pile or soil amendment with their nitrogen-rich droppings, or by being let loose on a compost pile to unwittingly turn it for you as they scrape and hunt all the delicious little bugs.

But these folks in Guatemala have created a chicken coop that closes that system a bit, by putting the compost system right in the chicken coop. The idea is that the chicken coop is it’s own little ecosystem, which I love. Ignore the inexplicably goofy hairstyle of the narrator; he’s clearly so distracted by his passion for composting chickens he didn’t have time to look in the mirror before they recorded the video.

Check it out!


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