Frugal Ways to Start Seeds

It’s almost time for spring planting, are you ready? This is a great time to start your seedlings indoors to transfer to prepped garden beds in a few weeks. However, if you’re not set up with lots of fancy seed trays and want to get started anyway, here are a few frugal hacks for starting seeds indoors.

Egg shells

Did you know you can actually start seeds in egg shells? It’s true, and really cool too! All you need to do is save your egg shells, clean them with warm water and soap, and let dry. Collect enough to start some seeds, put some potting soil in each one, and plant 2-3 seeds. Once they’re sprouted, thin back the less hardy seedlings, stick in the ground, and squeeze a bit to break up the egg shell slightly so the roots can poke through. The egg shell with decompose over time, lending great nutrients to the soil as your plant grows!

Egg cartons

You can skip the egg shell if you don’t have enough and just plant directly in cardboard egg cartons too! Simply fill each compartment with potting soil, and plant directly in it. Once your seedlings are sprouted, just carefully break apart each compartment and plant right in the soil. The cardboard will decompose quickly.

Toilet Paper Tubes

You can also start seeds in discarded toilet paper or paper towel tubes! Simply cut in half (for toilet paper tubes) or in fourths (for paper towel tubes), line up on a tray, or wrap in brown packing paper and secure with some twine to secure the bottom. Fill with potting soil, plant your seeds, and transfer to the garden.


There’s nothing like saving money in the garden, and using materials that will naturally decompose and lend nutrients to the soil. Try one of these frugal seed starting methods to get your garden started off right this year!

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