Making Pemmican At Home

Pemmican is a dehydrated survival superfood that is nutritionally complete and incredibly long-lasting. It is made with nothing else but lean meat, tallow, and berries. It was invented by the North American Plains Indians, as a way Screenshot (36)to store the meat through the winter. It quickly caught on with early Frontiersmen and even British explorers who prized the high nutritional value and portability of pemmican. It’s effortless to make, and you can do so using ingredients that are easy to find and equipment you already have in your kitchen.

The recipe for pemmican is from the book ‘The Lost Ways’, which is an pimmican-video-2
eye-opening guide to survival arts we have long forgotten. The SHTF situation we are preparing for, was everyday life for folks who lived 150 years ago.

Many DIY survival foods involve complicated ingredients and are rarely nutritionally complete. But pemmican has all the nutrients you need.

Click the link below to learn how to make it, and in no time you’ll have yourself a hearty ration of all you’ll need to keep yourself and your family alive. 

 Watch this short video and learn how to make your own pemmican right at home:


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