Most Decorative Edibles for Your Yard

Maybe you’ve only got a small yard or a patio, and would like to combine your vegetable garden with your landscaping. Or perhaps you can’t have a garden where you live and you’d like to grow some veggies under the guise of decorative plants. Perhaps you’re just the visual, artistic type and would like to produce food and have a stunning, attractive, decorative garden.

Either way, there are lots of beautiful options for you to grow vegetables that are both decorative and edible! Here are some of the best:


Basil is a cinch to grow and just so happens to be very pretty to look at and will blend in nicely with most decorative foliage. Not to mention, it’s naturally bug repellent and smells wonderfully as well!


There’s actually eggplant you can grow that is purely decorative, but the edible kinds of eggplant are gorgeous too! There are lots of varieties available that have different colors of fruit, but they all have very stunning foliage and fruit.


Mint is a great ground cover crop, one that you can tuck away in virtually any corner of any garden, or grow in a pot for some very easy, pretty patio decoration. It also has many medicinal benefits and culinary uses, making it a wonderful all-purpose plant to grow.

Swiss or Rainbow Chard 

Both Swiss and rainbow chard have very beautiful, visually-striking stalks and gorgeous green leaves that look like deliberately planted decorative foliage. A great advantage to chard as well, is that you can pick leaves off of it regularly and it will just keep growing, so it’s a perfect plant to grow for a regular supply of nutritious, delicious, and attractive leaves.


Beets have very lovely little green and red leaves that are great to grow between decorative plants. You can eat the leaves themselves or wait for the root to come to fruition, either way, it’s a very pretty plant that is perfect for any decorative garden.

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