Spring Equinoxes Explained (Video)

Today is the first day of spring! Hopefully, you’ve got lots of warm weather and sunlight in your area so you can get your spring garden started.

Spring equinox is a great day to start planting, because there’s only going to be more daylight from this day forward.

But what is an equinox, exactly? I thought it would be cool to learn a little bit about what makes an equinox and equinox, and where it lies in the seasonal rhythms of our planet.

Understanding both the cycles of light and seasons on earth as well as the way planetary changes can influence us is always great for homesteaders to be aware of! After all, our seasons and growing patterns have been dictated by the skies for centuries.

Check out this nice little video from National Geographic on Spring Equinoxes to learn what is happening to our planet today!

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