The Simplest Way to Peel Garlic. Period. (Video)

Garlic is a homestead kitchen staple, but let’s face it; it’s more than a little tedious to fidget with the papery skin of each individual clove.

Sure, you could smash your garlic with a knife or a mallet and make a big mess. If you have half an hour or more to spare, you could soften the skins in hot water. If you need to peel enough garlic to season food for an army, or make a hefty portion of a natural remedy like honey-infused garlic, you can shake them into oblivion between two bowls, but that’s more trouble than you really need to go through. And let’s not even get started with the weird, artificial flavor of pre-processed garlic available in the store.

So what’s the homestead cook to do? I shared a video about the bowl method last year, but this video shows an even easier, ridiculously simple kitchen hack for the home chef in a hurry who won’t settle for less than fresh, pungent garlic. It’s as easy as tossing the head of garlic into a jar, closing it, and shaking the living daylights out of it for less than half a minute. After 20 seconds, tip the jar to pour out your fresh peeled garlic cloves.

Wasn’t that easy?


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