What Is Guerrilla Tree Planting?

A lot of people out there would love to live a more sustainable lifestyle. One in which you give back to the environment from which we take so much. If you live in a city or suburb, or even if you’re homesteading, it might feel like there’s only so much you can do to make a positive impact on our natural world beyond your own small life.

When it comes to living a greener life, there are so many great ways you live more in a more sustainable and self-reliant way. Whatever your views on environmental policy, I think everyone would agree that being a good steward of the earth we live on is not only moral, it is prudent and efficient.

For this reason, many people are motivated by considerations of future generations when they try to live in a more sustainable way.

But there is a very cool, and easy way, to spread your good intentions around to others, beyond your own front door or homestead.

It’s called guerilla tree planting. 

Remember Johnny Appleseed? He was definitely on to something. Wherever you live and whatever seeds you’re able to get your hands on, you too can leave something awesome for the next generation by planting seeds stealthily and wherever you can.

One option would be to simply save your apple seeds, or stone fruit seeds, avocado pits, nuts, whatever you’re able to get your hands on. Of course, consider the climate you live in or will be visiting, and plant what makes sense to plant there. Food trees are a wonderful gift to give back, for sure, but don’t feel limited to edible plants. Try to save the seeds and pods from wonderful shade and wood trees as well.

If you want to go a step further, you could even start seedlings in your backyard, and disperse these throughout your community. Take them to the park, to vacant lots, hiking trails, friend’s property, wherever you can find a patch of land in want of more trees. If you have children, they’ll love joining in, and returning to visit these trees to see how they grow as they themselves grow up.

Give a little back to the amazing creation that sustains you!

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