What Is The Roadkill List?

Have you ever thought about eating roadkill? Now, before you start to think the idea is crazy, we aren’t talking about stalking the roadways and searching for animals that have been hit. Instead, you can get on a road kill list. This type of list is often available through park departments and highway departments, and it works very simply.

Animals in rural areas, along the highways, and even in the suburbs tend to cross roads during their travels. This applies to all animals, but the ones that can be most problematic tend to be deer, and in some areas in the northeast, moose. They might be going from watering hole to another, or they could be foraging for food. With the sheer number of roads today, many animals are struck and injured or killed. When this happens, the animal needs to be removed from the road, as it can be a danger to others.

The parks department or the highway department goes out and clears away the carcasses. In cases where the animal is recently dead, there tends to be a substantial amount of good meat left, so many areas allow residents to sign up to roadkill lists. The first person on the list will be notified when there is a recovered animal they can have. They will generally be the ones responsible for butchering the animal. The next time it happens, the call goes out to the next person on the list, simple as that.

If you have been looking for a way to help supplement the meat you have in your freezer, this could be a good option. You will want to consider the options in your area regarding animal control, the department of wildlife, and highway departments to see if any of them feature a roadkill list. Even though many areas have this option, keep in mind that your area may not. It can be a good option for homesteaders always looking to find ways to supplement their food.

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