Why Chickens Are Your Best Friend on the Homestead

If you are homesteading, one of the best animals you can have on your property is the mighty chicken. It is highly beneficial for you and your family, as well as your garden, as you will see.

Eggs and Meat

Naturally, this is what most people consider when they are thinking about the benefits that chickens can provide. If you have chickens, you could have fresh eggs all the time, which is a great way to add to the amount of protein your homestead can produce. Most homesteaders utilize their chickens for eggs, but it is certainly possible to use them for meat, as well, if needed. Those who have a large number of chickens, as well as a rooster for a renewable supply of chickens, can raise some for meat, too.

Pest Control

Chickens around the garden can be a great way to keep your pests under control. They will eat many of the bugs and worms that tend to cause problems for fruits and vegetables. This helps to keep your garden safer and stronger.

Natural Fertilizer

In addition, chicken manure is high in nitrogen, and it also features phosphorous and potassium for the plants, which can help them to grow strong. In fact, it has more than horse manure or cow manure. If you want to have healthy plants, your chickens can help you once again!

In addition to these benefits, you will find that chickens tend to get rather noisy when predators are sneaking around and trying to get into their coop. This can provide you with an early alarm system in case foxes or coyotes are causing trouble on your property. Even if you have just a small bit of land, chickens can do well and provide you with all these advantages.

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