Why Start Seeds Indoors?

We’ve posted a bit about tips for starting seeds indoors as spring has been approaching, but I wanted to talk a bit today about why to start seeds indoors. 

You want to have a beautiful garden, and you want it to provide you and your family with plenty of food when it comes time to harvest. This means you need to start the seeds at the right time. You want to make sure they are strong enough to survive and thrive in the garden, and one of the best things you can do is start your seeds indoors, getting ready to plant after the last freeze of the season. There are some great benefits to starting your own seeds and doing this indoors.

Save Money

When you start your own seeds, you do not have to buy plants that are already started, which naturally cost more. Buying seeds when you are starting, and then saving and processing seeds from the food that you grow is a fantastic way to save some money. In addition, you do not have to worry about starting seeds outdoors only to find that they die before they can grow. When you start them indoors, you have much more control.

Control the Pesticides

You do not want your family to be subjected to pesticides, but much of the food bought through the grocery stores is laced with this stuff. When you start your seedlings right, and in a safe environment where they can thrive, you will not need to use chemical pesticides. You can also find organic options that will help to keep your plants safe from pests, as well as safe for you.

More Self-Sufficiency

By learning to start your seeds indoors, you are learning more about the homesteading life and you are learning to become more self-sufficient. It is a fantastic skill to have, and one that will serve you well for the rest of your life. Start your seeds in the garage or basement now to get ready for the planting season.

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