Essential Oils for Natural Health (Infographic)

I recently shared some recommendations for the best essential oils to start your collection. I found this infographic on Pinterest the other day though and I thought it was an excellent cheat sheet for natural remedies for common maladies and health issues.

Some of these remedies use the foundational essential oils I had on this list, while others call for more obscure essential oils. This should give you an idea of just how many uses for essential oils there are, and maybe some of the less common essential oils you might want to consider investing in. If you have a recurring health issue that can be helped by cypress oil, for example, it might be well worth your money to invest in a bottle. As I mentioned in my previous article, essential oils are so concentrated, that you usually only need 1-3 drops per use. So even if you use an oil regularly, it will still last you a long time.

I hope you enjoy this infographic and find some good ideas for ways to use essential oils for your health.

Essential Oil Remedies Infographic

Image via: Essential Oil Remedies Infographic

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