7 Clever Uses for Cheesecloth

How much do you know about cheesecloth? This porous cloth was initially designed to help cheesemakers squeeze the liquid out of cheese curds, hence its name. However, it has a number of other uses as well – many of which you probably never considered. Here are seven of these incredibly clever uses for cheesecloth. You’ll want to keep some in your home after reading them.


1) Polishing Your Silver

All that you need in order to make your silver shine is a little silver polish, some water, and a piece of cheesecloth. The steps are very easy. Start by moistening the cheesecloth by dipping it in the water. Squeeze out any excess water. Then dip the wet section of the cloth in the silver polish (or squeeze it on, depending on the type of polish). All that you have to do next is rub your silverware or your pots and pans until they shine, repeating the process as necessary.


2) Making Herb Bundles

Have you ever wondered how chefs manage to make their soups and stews taste so nice, even if there isn’t any evidence of herbs and seasonings in them? Cheesecloth is the answer to that question. Cut a small square of cheesecloth and wrap some herbs up in it. Tie the bundle tightly with a piece of clean string – butcher’s twine will work well. Place the bundle in the soup or stew and fish it out before serving. The flavor of the herbs will soak through the cheesecloth.


3) Quick Bandages

If you cut yourself in your kitchen (or anywhere else in your home, for that matter) and don’t have any gauze in your first aid kit, then grab a piece of cheesecloth. It won’t stick to your wound and will provide a clean cover until you can get some proper bandages. Just make sure to place some antibacterial ointment on the wound first. The cheesecloth will last until you can make it to the emergency room, if the cut it bad enough, or until the bleeding stops and you can place a proper bandage on it.

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4) Dust Some Sugar on Your Baked Goods

If you’ve ever made a mess of your baked goods when you sprinkled powder sugar on them, then we have a good solution. You can place the powdered sugar in a jar, top it with a tightly wrapped piece of cheesecloth, and then begin dusting the tops of them with it. The pores in the cheesecloth are just the right size, so you won’t make a mess.


5) Food Drapes and Covers

The next time you want to protect your food before it is served, rather than reach for plastic containers or glass lids, use a piece of cheesecloth. It will neatly cover everything, preventing your contaminants from touching your dishes. On top of this, cheesecloth is very sanitary.


6) Straining Your Food

Sometimes you need to strain things before you serve them. Since this is the original use for cheesecloth, it works perfectly. Just be careful when you’re straining the hot stock and other things, as you don’t want to burn yourself. Place the cheesecloth in a bowl and pour the contents of your pot into it. The cheesecloth will do its job, and once you lift it up, you’ll notice just how nicely contained everything is.


7) Baste Your Thanksgiving Turkey

There are several different ways to baste your Thanksgiving turkey, although cheesecloth is the most effective. Start by soaking your cheesecloth in a mix of melted butter, herbs, seasonings, and even some turkey stock. Then lay it over your turkey until everything has sunk in. You won’t regret it!

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