9 Useful Items You Can Find at a Dollar Store

The dollar store is more than a place filled with cheap trinkets and toys. It also has plenty of useful items that many homesteaders will find handy. On top of that, everything at the dollar store is affordable. Depending on which one you go to, you might find that everything is a dollar – or at the most, a few dollars. Whether you’re on a budget or just want to save money, these stores are the best places to go for some basic items.


Cheesecloth is useful in the kitchen, as it helps you strain things like cheese. If your local dollar store doesn’t sell properly labeled cheesecloth, then look for very thin towels. They’ll work just as well, and can be reused, making them even more of a bargain.

Sewing Needles

Not only are these items great for their intended purpose (sewing, of course), but they work well for getting out splinters and even applying stitches. Just remember to heat up the tips first with a match or lighter to sterilize them. When you’re getting a package of dozens of sewing needles for a dollar, you’ll find that you come up with many additional uses for them!


We already touched on this briefly in the cheesecloth section, but towels, in general, are plentiful at the dollar store. For a mere dollar, you can get large bath towels, packs of washcloths, and even dishtowels. There’s one for every purpose. Stash some in your car for those just-in-case moments or slice them into smaller towels to wipe up spills.


Plastic buckets are great to have around. You can fill them with soil and use them as planters (just make sure to punch a few drainage holes in the bottom), place chicken scraps in them, and even use them to hold general garden tools. If you can find food grade plastic buckets, feel free to place them in your kitchen where they can hold meal items.

Plastic Containers

Speaking of food grade plastics, these containers have any number of uses. They can hold leftovers from your meals. You can use smaller ones to separate out sewing tools or toiletries. Plastic contains can hold some of your children’s toys, such as puzzle or game pieces and sets of blocks, ensuring that they won’t get lost. Really, there’s no shortage of useful things that they can do.


Every good homesteader needs to keep a ball of thick string or twine on hand. This product is good for attaching your vine vegetables to the trellis. If it’s thick enough, it will make a nice laundry line, as clothespins will adhere to it well.


Speaking of clothespins, you can find those at the dollar store as well. These small wooden or plastic devices can hang up clothes to dry, keep bags of flour or rice closed, and even serve as impromptu bookmarks. You can even hang decorations with them around the holidays.

Freezer Bags

You won’t feel bad about using plastic freezer bags when they’re this inexpensive. These bags are great for freezing fresh fruits and vegetables for later use. You can also use them to store leftovers. They can even hold seed packets for next year’s garden.


Although white rice isn’t the best thing to eat, the kind sold at the dollar store can be used to make homemade heating pads. It also makes a great weight, if you need to anchor down a piece of wire fencing around your garden.

The dollar store is filled with useful items for homesteaders. Many of these items can handle more than one task, ensuring that you really do get your money’s worth.

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