Are You Making Prepper Mistakes?

If you are into learning how to survive and prepping, you read as much as you can on the subject, and you are generally willing to work hard to make sure you have everything you need when it comes to living after the SHTF. Of course, many out there do not take any steps beyond buying some “cool” and interesting gear, some freeze-dried food, and maybe some water. Those who fall into this latter category could be making some serious prepper mistakes.

One of the big issues is people buying supplies and then never bothering to rotate through them. If something has a shelf life of five years, you should use it before those five years are up. You need to learn to rotate your supplies. Buy new and use the old. You can’t just buy it and forget it when it comes to things like food and water.

Another problem people have is forgetting to resupply their items. If you have a first aid kit that you have been taking from over the last year, and you never bothered to resupply it, when the SHTF, you could be in trouble. What if you have a lot of ammo, but you decide to go out to the woods or the range to do some target shooting? You need to resupply that ammo so you have it when you need it.

One of the other problems comes from preppers and survivalists who have all of the gear they think they need to survive, but they have no practical knowledge of how to use it. They have items they have never used or tried and simply bought them because it seemed like the thing to do. You need to know how to use all of your supplies, and you need to increase your knowledge well beyond what the supplies offer with real world skills.

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