Back to Nature Garden (Video)

This is a super cool concept that I’ve often wanted to try myself. The folks at Deep South Homestead, one of my favorite YouTube channels, have tried the “Back to Eden” gardening method, without much success. Back to Eden is the gardening method that was shown in the film by the same name, that involves layering wood chips and manure that sit for a season. The idea is to mimic the natural formation of soil in the forest.

Danny from Deep South Homestead explains in this video that because of termites infesting their wood chips, that Back to Eden did not work for them, so they tried their hand at their own method, that they call “Back to Nature”. They decided to mimic what was happening to the soil in the forest on their homestead, by layering oak leaves and rabbit manure, turning it with a tractor and leaving it for a season, to plant their tomatoes in in the spring. You can see how he set his up and hear more about his plans for it in the video below. Enjoy!

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