5 Great Benefits of Having Succulents in Your Home

Plants help clean the air, add oxygen and any number of other benefits.  The problem?  Not everyone has a green enough thumb to keep their plants alive, let alone flourishing.

Fortunately, you don’t have to have a degree in botany to enjoy having plants indoors; you have to pick the right ones.

Enter the succulent.  Succulent plants, or succulents, are a type of plant that displays parts that are especially thick and fleshy.  This characteristic lets the plant retain water in drying climates and soil types in a similar manner to cactus plants.

These wonderful little plants have become even more popular recently and for good reason, besides the typical benefits of adding oxygen and purifying the air. Let’s look at some of the other great reasons to add succulents to your home.


They Bring a Zen Quality to Your Environment

Houseplants have been shown to aid in concentration as well as improve your overall mood.  The geometrical patterns of succulents have the effects of focusing your thoughts, helping you feel more relaxed and able to process information better.

Additionally, the process of taking care of a plant and watching it develop and grow can help rid yourself of feelings like loneliness and even depression.


They Provide Natural Medicinal Properties

Some succulents are good for more than just decorating a space.  Plants like agave and aloe vera also have medicinal properties. Keep agave on hand as a natural antiseptic to treat scratches and cuts.

Aloe vera is not only great for burns and sunburn but can be taken internally to help alleviate fevers, bowel issues and more.

They Are Not Picky About Their Living Quarters

It doesn’t take much to make a succulent happy.  Their shallow root systems make them ideal for planting in bowls, jars, teacups, or anything else you can conjure up.  Let them take up as much or as little room as you can spare.


They Rank High on the Hardiness Scale

What does this mean for you?  They don’t require as much water and attention as other houseplants, making them easy to care for.  Have you ever left for a week and forgot to get someone to take care of the plants?

No problem, more than likely your succulents will be no more the worse for wear when you get back. They may be a little thirsty though.

Also, they don’t need very much light to get by.  This means you can keep them in your bedroom, and as long as there is a little light peeking through the blinds during the day, they’ll be happy and waiting for your at bedtime to commune with and clear your head before lights out.


Where to Find Succulents

Thanks to there increasing popularity, you won’t have to hunt down a specialized garden store to get started.  Any local DIY center with a garden section will probably have a large variety to choose from.  From there you can pick out a great planter to add to the aesthetic or take them home and put them in your favorite coffee mug.

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