How to Use Calendula Oil

Calendula is a wonderful herb, that you can usually find in the natural medicine section of any health food store in the form of creams, but it’s actually much easier and cheaper to make your own calendula infused oil to use at home.

Calendula is ideal for skin conditions like rashes, eczema, dry skin, burns, scrapes, sunburn, and bug bites. It is incredibly soothing and conditioning, and perfectly safe to use as well.

It’s a great addition to any medicinal herb garden, but you can usually find the dried flowers very easily at health food stores or online.

Making calendula-infused oil is very simple and easy to do at home. I’ve described the process of making herb-infused oils several times on this blog, but I don’t mind repeating myself!


  • dried calendula flowers
  • neutral oil (almond or olive are ideal)


  1. Stuff your calendula flowers into a jar.
  2. Cover with oil.
  3. Cover with the jar lid, and leave on a sunny windowsill for three weeks. Shake every day or so.
  4. After three weeks, strain the flowers, and store your oil in a jar or bottle.

Now, you have your all-purpose calendula oil! You can use directly on rashes, burns, bruises, or anything else you need calendula for, or you can use as a base in many different kinds of remedies, such as:

Lotion or Cream

You don’t have to spring for expensive pre-made calendula creams, you can make your own right at home! Just use the calendula oil as the oil base for any lotion or cream recipe, and it will add the healing benefit of the herb to any recipe.


You can make a soothing, beneficial calendula soap by using the oil as a base for any homemade, oil-based soap recipe as well.

Diaper cream

Calendula is also wonderful when added to diaper creams and salves. You can again use as the base in any homemade diaper cream or salve recipe, or mix a little in with store-bought creams to add the benefit of calendula.

Salad dressing

Calendula is also edible too, and it’s a great addition to any salad dressing, in place of the oil! It’s both delicious and healthy.


Calendula oil is a wonderful addition to any natural medicine cabinet, and a great item to keep on hand. And it couldn’t be easier to make and use!


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