Ways to Profit Off Your Land

When you invest in a homestead property, it probably won’t be cheap. You won’t want to buy cheap, useless land to get started, after all, since it won’t be much use to you.

So how can you offset the cost of settling on the perfect slice of property?

Well, there are a lot of possibilities. Here are just a few, to be followed up with more as time goes on. Be sure to let us know how you’ve made money off your homestead, so we can add it to the list!

Vegetable Gardening

Build additional beds to what you will need for your family and put the effort in a cash crop to sell at the farmer’s market. Quick, easy crops include eggplant, asparagus, okra, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, summer squash, cabbage, carrots, and leeks, to name a few (we’ll cover this more extensively in the future as well).

Fruit Trees or Grapes

Investing in some fruit trees and a small orchard, or grape vines, could pull in a handsome profit for your homestead if you do it right. Fruit trees are not incredibly high-maintenance and can produce a whole lot of fruit for you to sell at a farmer’s market or even to local restaurants, grocers, or food production factories.


Invest in a large coop and a system to move your chickens around your property, like a mobile coop, and you’ll have eggs for days you can again sell at farmer’s market, directly to customers, or to grocers, bakers, or restaurant. Nothing is as appealing on a menu as “farm fresh eggs!”

Bed and breakfast

If you’ve got an extra structure on your property, spruce it up to create a rustic farm getaway. People love to experience country life on vacation (without having to actually get up early to do the chores) and you can charge a handsome price for it. Just make sure you’re coded correctly, or use AirBnb.com, which is getting very popular.


Raw honey and beeswax are very valuable and in demand. Harvest raw honey to sell by the jar, or beeswax to sell either raw or in crafts such as lotions, candles, or even crayons.


Stay posted for more ideas on how to profit off your land.

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