Why Do You Need a Greenhouse and Things to Look for

Many avid gardeners have considered putting a greenhouse in their yards. There’s just something about having the ability to grow tropical and warm-weather loving plants year-round that really appeals to them. If you’re one of these people, then you need to read this primer about greenhouses. It contains just about everything that you need to know about them.

What Is A Greenhouse?

Let’s start by defining exactly what a greenhouse is. These are structures of various sizes that have clear walls and roofs. Some of the fancier greenhouses have glass walls, although you can use clear, plastic polycarbonate sheeting as well. A greenhouse is designed to provide a respite from the outdoor weather. It’s warm year-round so that plants easily grow inside of them. The clear walls let in plenty of sunlight, although the greenhouse might be built with an electrical system and some grow lights as well. This really allows the owner to control the overall temperature indoors. Some have a hydration system built-in as well, but it really is easy to use a hose, if you want a simple do-it-yourself greenhouse that your custom made on your own.

Greenhouse Sizes

One of the best things about greenhouses is that they come in various sizes. This means that you really can have one that fits your yard perfectly. You aren’t limited to the large commercial sized ones. Some come as small as a basic coat closet and hold seedlings. They work well if all that you want to do is plant seeds and allow them to grow slightly before the soil warms up in the spring. If you want something that can handle multiple plants and allow them to grow year-round, then you’ll want one that’s larger than that. Again, it all depends on the plants your overall vision for your greenhouse.

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Pick a Good Location

Location matters, even with greenhouses. Yours should be located in an area of your yard that receives plenty of sunlight. Otherwise, your plants won’t grow properly – even if you have a grow light installed inside. You never want to have your greenhouse placed in a shady area of your yard. In addition to this, you need to run electric lines to it and possibly even water lines. If you can, place your greenhouse within ten to twenty feet of your own house, in order to make these things easier to install.

What about Amenities?

You need to think about your greenhouse as if it’s actually a house. By this, we mean that you need to consider which amenities you want it to have. Your two main options include lighting that will give your plants a boost and promote growth, even when the weather isn’t very sunny outside and a filtration system that waters the plants. Yes, you could use a portable grow light and a hose, but you also have the option of running electric lines and setting up an irrigation system. It all depends on your budget and just what you want to use the greenhouse for. There’s nothing wrong with installing a simple one that lacks these amenities.

Building Your Greenhouse

Just like with the amenities, you have two options to choose from here. You can either build your greenhouse yourself, which includes developing plans and literally making it from scratch or purchasing a commercial greenhouse. This latter option might involve having the greenhouse trucked to your yard and installed, or having a kit arrive in the mail that you need to build yourself. Either way, you end up with the perfect greenhouse for your needs.

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