DIY Pressure Cooker Water Distiller (Video)

If you’re a homesteader, you probably have been faced with the question of how to ensure your family is getting the best drinking water, or how to purify water in the event of possible contamination of your water source.

There are a lot of different options out there for water purification, and distilling water is one of the best. Distilled water is actually rather controversial, as many claim it can deplete the body if essential  nutrients. While the minerals available in spring or well water can be quite beneficial, and clean, pure mineral water is great for your health, it is not actually true that distilled water will actually rob you of these minerals, it simply doesn’t contain them.

Distilled water is nothing more than pure H20, and while fresh spring or well water is probably preferable for daily drinking, there are still many good reasons to be able to distil your water. If a well, spring, or public water supply might be contaminated, being able to distil water could be lifesaving, as it will remove bacteria, chemicals, and impurities. Or perhaps you only have access to treated water; in this case, distilled water would be far more preferable than water full of chemicals like chlorine and fluoride.

There are a lot of DIY water distillers out there, and I thought this one was particularly clever. It uses just a few supplies, that you could find very inexpensively. It uses a pressure cooker, which I thought was really cool, especially since it can be very easy to find a dirt-cheap pressure cooker at a thrift store or flea market.

Check out this simple, genius DIY distiller and see if it might be a good addition to your homestead or preparedness plan:

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