11 Natural Coffee Alternatives

For countless adults, coffee is a part of daily life. It could be one cup in the morning to get you motivated or several cups throughout the day to keep you energized and moving. For some it is merely a habit, others feel as though they need it, making it more of an addiction than an enjoyable morning refreshment. While coffee in low doses doesn’t seem to have any negative impacts, doctors have suggested that their patients reduce or eliminate coffee from their diets for various reasons. Thankfully, for those that have to or want to cut coffee out of their life, there are plenty of natural alternatives that give the same effects as your favorite cup of Joe.

1.    Kombucha

For thousands of years, kombucha has been used for its probiotics. It will give you a boost of energy, but there is a fermentation process that makes it have the same properties as alcohol. Don’t drink it in large amounts if you have to drive.

2.    Water Infused with Fruit

Water sounds boring. You may find it difficult to believe, but it can boost your energy levels. That’s even truer when you add in nutritious fruits like lemons.

3.    Fruit Smoothies

Milk and fruits rich in nutrients are great for you first thing in the morning in place of your regular coffee. More than that, it’s a filling refreshment that can be used as a meal replacement if you’re looking to cut back on calories or lose weight.

4.    Chai Tea

Chai tea gives you about a third of the amount of caffeine that regular coffee does when you want to find an alternative that reduces your caffeine intake. It tastes good as it is, or you can alter it by adding other ingredients like cream and sugar.

5.    Teeccino Coffee

The people at Teeccino coffee claim that their tea is the only coffee alternative out there that actually tastes like coffee. It’s both caffeine and acid-free making it healthier for your diet.

6.    Postum

Postum is a beverage that dates back as far as 1895. It’s warm and can be whipped up quickly by just adding some water. It’s caffeine-free but resembles coffee and works effectively for some as a substitute.

7.    Matcha

Matcha is unique because it can both boost energy levels and relax you when added to all different kinds of recipes. The taste is one that has to be acquired for most, but the number of benefits associated with the ingredient makes it worth it.  It has about half the amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee.

8.    Green Tea

Green tea is loaded with ingredients that are beneficial, and it’s often used in replacement for coffee. Improved skin and hydration are both advantages that come along with consuming green tea. There is about one-third of the amount of caffeine in a cup of green tea compared to your average serving of traditional java.

9.    Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is probably the most closely related to coffee if you’re looking for something to trick your mind into thinking you’re having your morning indulgence. There isn’t near as much caffeine, and the flavor makes it pleasurable to drink.

10.    Rooibos Tea

Even though Rooibos tea is caffeine free, there are other ingredients found in it that can increase energy and boost your metabolism naturally. You can even drink it right before you go to bed because it won’t keep you awake. Another name for the South African beverage is “red tea.”

11.    Sparkling Water

Sparkling water is infused with bubbles that give you the feeling you have a crisp and refreshing soda, but its way better for you than coffee. It’s also a little more satisfying than plain water.

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