4 Things to Know About Goats Before You Get Them

Goats are fantastic homestead animals, and we write about that all the time on this site. They can produce excellent milk, help you clear brush, grass, and shrubs, and can even been great companions.

But you might have some misconceptions about goats you’re not aware of, so we thought we’d share four things you might not realize about goats. Before you purchase any, you should definitely be aware of these things, so you are not surprised when it’s not exactly like you thought!

1. Cream doesn’t separate

While the cream in cow’s milk naturally separates, providing you with more than enough rich cream to use and to make butter and buttermilk with, goat’s milk does not separate. You can still use it for lots of things, but it’s just not naturally separated. It takes quite a bit of effort to extract the cream, so you’re better off using it for something else.

2. You will be up to your knees in milk

Once goats start producing milk, you’ll have quite a lot. Definitely have a plan for how to use it, or you might find your fridge full of milk and yogurt! You can certainly make milk kefir, yogurt, and even ice cream with your goat’s milk, but that’s a lot of work and either way you might want to consider buying a second fridge or a mini-fridge to store the milk. You can always sell it too, but make sure you consider this first…

3. It’s not always legal to sell

Not every state allows the sale of raw milk for human consumption, so before you count on this, make sure to check local regulations regarding goat’s milk. It’s a great way to make some extra money, but just be sure it’s legal!

4. They are stinky

There are many ways to reduce their smell, of course, like lots of fresh bedding, well-ventilated shelter, and cleaning out their enclosure regularly. But in general, goats do just naturally smell rather strongly. Consider this when you’re planning out where to keep your goats!


Consider these four points before buying goats so you can be well-prepared to care for and utilize them properly.

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