When the Garden Doesn’t Grow: How to Increase Food Supply

As a homesteader, you will typically put a lot of faith in your garden when it comes to having enough food to last your family. You will learn how to plant and keep the plants healthy and strong, how and when to harvest, and canning techniques, most likely. When everything is going well with the garden, this can be a great method to take care of the bulk of the food you and your family need. However, it is not always enough. Sometimes, the garden can fail, too, and that means you need to have some other ways of procuring the food that you need.

One of the most important skills you can have as a homesteader is the ability to forage. You can go out on the land and pick berries, as well as other fruit, which you can eat fresh and can. You should also learn how to look for nuts, as these can be a nice source of protein. Another option is to have an indoor garden, perhaps in a garage or basement, that you can have growing throughout the year, even in the winter.

If you have livestock on the farm, you need to learn how to kill and process those animals if needed. Butchering an animal can provide your family with much-needed protein. Hunting is also a good option. In fact, most people who are homesteading should make it a point to learn how to hunt. Even just a single deer, elk, wild pig, and other game can help to provide for your family in lean times. Fishing is a great skill to have for this reason, as well.

You can also get on a roadkill list to be notified when there is an animal killed by a vehicle that needs processing. Bartering items with neighbors can work, as well. Use these methods to help supplement your food stores, so even if your garden fails, you and the family will eat well.

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