Why Should Homesteaders Hunt?

If you love the idea of homesteading, and you want to do the same types of things that your forefathers and foremothers did, you will want to add hunting to your list of activities for the homestead. Of course, it is about far more than tradition. You will find many benefits for the homesteader who hunts.

When Times Are Lean

One of the biggest benefits to those who hunt is that they have the capacity to put extra meat on the table. Even if you raise chickens and other livestock to use as meat, having extra in the freezer is always a good feeling. If you have a garden that is not performing as well as you had hoped, you will appreciate the extra food. Your bank account will appreciate it, as well. Consider just how much money you are spending on meat each year. Wouldn’t it be nice to cut down on those expenses?

Game Management Is Essential

Another one of the reasons that homesteaders should hunt is that it is good for the animal population in the area. While this might seem contrary to some, it makes sense. With the expansion of the human population and the encroachment on animal territory, it means their food supply is not what it used to be. By having controlled and legal hunts, it helps to reduce the population, which reduces the instances of starvation and disease among those animals that remain.

Good Exercise

If you have always wanted to get more exercise, few things are better than hunting. You will be out traipsing through the woods for much of the day, and that is going to burn off quite a few calories. Hunting, if you do not spend your entire day up in a tree stand, is a nice form of exercise that gets you out into the wild breathing fresh air. You will love the way you feel even if you do not bag a deer. Of course, it is even better when you do make a kill.

You Can Pass the Skill on to Your Children

Learning to track and follow animal signs helps people to get closer with nature. Teaching your children to hunt provides them with a skill, and lessons, that will last them a lifetime. They will learn where their food comes from and what it takes to get it, and that will make them more appreciative. In addition, it is good for kids to get outside and away from all those electronic screens for a while. In addition to hunting, you should also teach them to fish. Make sure they are not only a part of the process of hunting and fishing, but also teach them how to clean and prepare the animals and fish for cooking.

Hunting is one of the skills every homesteader should have. It is not only necessary to make sure you have a full freezer of meat, but it can also be an enjoyable experience out in nature. If you don’t already hunt, make sure you consider these benefits.

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